Pai Gow


Pai Gow Poker is the Chinese Gambling game variant of a game played with 32 Chinese dominoes, also called Pai Gow, and it means to make nine. The difference is Pai Gow Poker gets played with playing cards instead of dominoes. If you’re bored with Texas Hold ’em, then Pai Gow Poker is the game for you as it dishes out cards as if they were going out of fashion.

About the game

Pai Gow Poker uses a 53-card deck with 52 cards plus the Joker that acts as the wild card in certain instances. The Joker gets used as an Ace or assists in finishing a straight, straight flush, flush or Royal Flush. Getting started is simple. All you need to do is place your bet, and you will receive seven cards. Your cards get dealt face up, and the dealers face down. You now need to make two hands; a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand; however, it’s essential the 5-card hand must be better than the 2-card hand. Once you have completed your hands, you may ask to see the dealer’s cards, which they play using what’s known as the House Way.

The software will compare your two hands and pay you out for your bet, and if you have tied, you’ll push where you get your stake back, and all tied hands are a win for the dealer

Wrapping It Up

Pai Gow has become a top-rated online table game, and before you sit down to play, Pai Gow ensures you understand the rules. The most important is the hand ranking system. The hands in Pai Gow get ranked in the same way as they are in Texas Hold ’em and Stud games with one difference, and that’s in Pai Gow Poker, you can hit five of a kind.

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