Don Schlesinger


Donald Schlesinger has various accolades to his name. Not only is he a professional Blackjack player and Blackjack Hall of Fame member, but he is also a gaming mathematician, lecturer and author. Schlesinger a born and bred New Yorker graduated from the City College of New York with a BSc Degree in mathematics, added to that, he also has a Masters an M Phil in French from the University of New York. Before changing his profession in 1984, Schlesinger taught maths and French in the New York City school system until he became Executive Director at a Wall Street Investment Bank. Once he retired, he started devoted more time to Blackjack by researching optimal betting, optimal back counting, risk analysis, camouflage and team play.

What is Don Schlesinger’s Legacy?

Don Schlesinger blackjack career spans over 30 years, and he is best known for studying and publishing information about Blackjack. His book Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pro’s Way is a blackjack bible amongst many blackjack enthusiasts, as is his set of card counting indices called “Illustrious 18.” The “Illustrious 18” identifies the 18 most important basic strategy changes players can make according to count, and Schlesinger’s theory proved that card counters don’t have to memorize over 100 different index numbers to be successful. Schlesinger also created the Desirability Index and the Standard Comparison of Risk and Expectation, which compare games in various situations.

Don Schlesinger is up there with many of the greats in Blackjack and is also a Blackjack Hall of Fame member contributing immensely to the Blackjack world. His book Blackjack Attack is one of the most accurate and informative writings published, adding to that are his popular concepts, including SCORE, Floating Advantage and Illustrious 18. A true legend and deserves his status in the Blackjack industry.

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