Blackjack, formerly known as Black Jack and Vingt Un, is one of the most popular card games and the first choice for many punters when playing online and on the gambling floors. Blackjack gets referred to as “21” and uses a 52 deck of cards. This family of card games also includes Pontoon, a British and European card game Vingt -en-Un. It’s a card game in which players compete against the dealer and not against other players

Different Blackjack Variants

Below are three of the most popular Blackjack variants, and they are:

  • Classic Blackjack- this blackjack variant remains the most popular form of the card game and it has a low house edge.

  • European Blackjack- European Blackjack offers better odds to players than American Blackjack, and it’s typically played with two decks of cards, with the dealer standing on soft 17.

  • Face Up 21- This variant puts a great deal of power in the player’s hands due to both the dealer’s cards dealt face up. It’s like European Blackjack as players get to double down on 9, 10 and 11.

Things you should know about Blackjack.

When playing Blackjack, the rules change the house edge, and it’s imperative punters find rules that are favourable to them and not the casinos, like doubling of any two cards. Beware of Side bets as they get designed with a higher house edge. Never take Insurance. It’s important to note that Insurance has nothing to do with your hand. It’s simply a wager where you guess whether the dealer down card is a 10 or face card. If the dealer has a 10-value card, you win, and should they have another card, you lose, and insurance would have to pay 2.25 to 1 for a player to break even. Never play with a less than 3:2 payout, and more casinos offer games that pay 6:5 payouts increasing the houses edge by 1.39%

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