Sic Bo


Sic Bo is another casino dice game. It’s also known as tai sai, big or small, dai sui and hi-lo, and it’s an unequal game of chance originating in Ancient China and played with three dice. It is also trendy in Macau and Asian Casinos. The game has a few variants, including an English variant called Grand Hazard and a US version called Chuck a Luck.

How To Play Sic Bo

It’s a game of chance and easy to learn; however, you may feel overwhelmed when looking at the Sic Bo table. The main aim of the game involves betting on a specific dice outcome. To get rolling, you need to place your bets, and the gaming software then rolls the three dice, showing random outcomes. You win when every number or sum you have predicted comes up and lose for incorrect predictions.

Betting Options in Sic Bo

Sic Bo has several betting options, and we will cover a few, which are:

  • Small and big Bets- The small bet is when you bet on any number between and including 4 and 10. The big bet is when the sum between and includes 11 to 17. These bets have the best odds.

  • Other Sum Bets- Here, you get to choose one specific sum, anything between and including 4 to 17.

  • Single Dice Bet- when making a Single Dice bet, you predict a specific number will appear on any one or all three of the Dice.

  • Double and Triple Bets- When you feel lucky and are certain one or two of the Dice will come up with the same number; you will want to make a double bet that pays 10 to 1. The same applies to triple bets; however, here, you get to bet on all three dice having the same number, and it pays 30 to 1.

Give this game of chance and roll your way to some decent wins.

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