Craps, or Seven-Eleven, is a famous land-based and online casino game where players place wagers on a pair of dice outcomes. It’s an exciting game as players get to wager money against one another or the bank.

Why is it called Craps?

It’s called Craps because it requires very little equipment, and “street craps`’ could get played in informal settlements because all they were a pair of dice. It’s believed at around this time, the name craps got invented in relation to the French Word “crapaud’ meaning toad due to the way people played the game crouched on the floor or a sidewalk.

Craps for Beginners

Craps is a simple casino dice game, and often beginners become intimidated by the numbers, different types of bets and terminology. The first roll of the dice is the come-out roll, and the person throwing the dice is the shooter. The shooter rolls the dice, and once the number rolled appears on your screen, there are three possible outcomes

  • Natural – which is brilliant as it means the roll’s result is 7 or an 11, which means you’re the winner and get to roll again.

  • Craps- You roll a 2, known as Snakes Eyes, 3 or 12, which means you lose. However, the round is not over as you get to roll again.

  • Point- Here, you rolled 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Players now need to roll the dice again in the hope of hitting the same number again. Should this happen, you win and remember it does not have to be the same combination of dice, just the number.

Should you wonder why the above sequence misses a 7. It’s because it’s not a lucky number, and should you roll a 7, you are “seven out”, and it’s the end of your betting round.

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