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Brynn Kenney

Brynn is an American professional poker player who doesn’t mind gambling half of his net worth. He has gone from having millions of dollars to being broke four or five times during his gambling career.

No other player has ever amassed wins like Brynn Kenney, and he is the #1 player in all-time earnings, with a net worth of $56 million. From an early age, Brynn has always been passionate about games, especially the more cerebral ones. He also dressed and acted differently from the other children, so he felt like an outsider. When he played cards, he had a photographic memory that was useful.

Playing Poker as a Professional

By the age of 12, Brynn was ranked #1 in the world for his age group in Magic. For those who don’t know, Magic is a strategic card game with a fantasy battle theme. While playing Magic, he met Justin Bonomo, Jose Barbero, and Tong Gregg, who all went on to become outstanding poker players.

Brynn decided to try his hand at poker because he wanted bigger prizes. He attended his first live cash tournament at the tender age of 23 in 2007, and that was the beginning. In 2007, Kenney participated in live and online tournaments, improving his skills and winning.

He took home $150 000 after winning his first WSOP bracelet in 2014. In 2015, Kenney defeated Joe McKeehan by $1687 800 in the World Series of Poker Main Event. The poker industry recognized him as a household name by 2017.

Final thoughts

Brynn Kenney’s career progressed slowly and gradually. Furthermore, by taking home #1 on the all-time winnings list at the Trinity Million FOR Charity Event in 2019, he cemented his reputation in a competitive world. This proves that playing childhood cards can lead to bigger things in the future!

Chip Reese

On March 28, 1951, Reese was born in Centerville, Ohio, and started a successful career after contracting rheumatic fever when he was nine years old. He learned card games from his mother, who stayed at home. As soon as he was well, he won almost every baseball card in the neighbourhood.

The Early Years

Six-year-old Reese beat his fifth-grade peers at card games. A card room in his fraternity in Dartmouth was named after him since he dominated poker games. Despite being accepted to Stanford Law School, he abandoned his plans to attend after stopping in Las Vegas to turn $400 into $66,000.

He defeated professors as well as students at bridge, gin rummy, and poker at Dartmouth.

His Poker Career

In 1974, Reese went to Las Vegas with $400 in his pocket and slowly built his bankroll to $20,000 in moderate-stakes poker. When he visited the Flamingo Hotel one evening, he thought he could beat the high rollers at his favourite game, seven-card stud. He left with $66,000 and the start of a reputation. In 1978 and 1982, he won his first World Series.

Three of Reese’s World Series of Poker championships, the crown jewels of tournament poker, were won in private games against high rollers.

The World Series of Poker Commissioner Jeff Pollack called Chip ‘the greatest cash player who ever lived.

When he left to watch a Little League game for his son, he was losing $700,000. Reese was unlike many gamblers who wouldn’t leave a table while losing.

Chip became the youngest player to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1991.

Chip Reese’s death

Chip Reese passed away in December 2007 at the age of 56. His death was caused by a heart attack, which left the poker world without one of its great legends. His fans and fellow players still miss him.



Blackjack, formerly known as Black Jack and Vingt Un, is one of the most popular card games and the first choice for many punters when playing online and on the gambling floors. Blackjack gets referred to as “21” and uses a 52 deck of cards. This family of card games also includes Pontoon, a British and European card game Vingt -en-Un. It’s a card game in which players compete against the dealer and not against other players

Different Blackjack Variants

Below are three of the most popular Blackjack variants, and they are:

  • Classic Blackjack- this blackjack variant remains the most popular form of the card game and it has a low house edge.

  • European Blackjack- European Blackjack offers better odds to players than American Blackjack, and it’s typically played with two decks of cards, with the dealer standing on soft 17.

  • Face Up 21- This variant puts a great deal of power in the player’s hands due to both the dealer’s cards dealt face up. It’s like European Blackjack as players get to double down on 9, 10 and 11.

Things you should know about Blackjack.

When playing Blackjack, the rules change the house edge, and it’s imperative punters find rules that are favourable to them and not the casinos, like doubling of any two cards. Beware of Side bets as they get designed with a higher house edge. Never take Insurance. It’s important to note that Insurance has nothing to do with your hand. It’s simply a wager where you guess whether the dealer down card is a 10 or face card. If the dealer has a 10-value card, you win, and should they have another card, you lose, and insurance would have to pay 2.25 to 1 for a player to break even. Never play with a less than 3:2 payout, and more casinos offer games that pay 6:5 payouts increasing the houses edge by 1.39%

Chris Ferguson


Christopher Phillip Ferguson is an American Poker player born on 11 April 1963 in Los Angles, California. He is fondly referred to as Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and has won six World Series of Poker Events, including the 2000 WSOP Main Event and the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Fergusons Poker Career

Chris Ferguson earned his nickname “Jesus” because of his long dark brown hair, full beard and thin stature. Usually sporting a black cowboy hat, dark sunglasses and equally dark attire, he looks like a poker player from the Wild West saloon days.

He won 6 WSOP bracelets and more than $8 million in tournament prize money.

He was one of the main faces of Full Tilt, and one of his most significant achievements was a personal challenge to turn $0 to $10000 starting with freerolls and after reaching his goal, only concluded the challenge after reaching $20000.

Yet despite his success, when Full Tilt Poker abruptly closed, causing many poker players to lose their entire bankroll overnight, they believed that “Jesus” was partly responsible.

Ferguson soon disappeared from public life after playing his last event in Dec 2010, only to resurface in 2016, where he made a brief appearance at the 2016 WSOP. Many believed he would not return; however, he surprised everyone in 2017 when he came to Las Vegas for the WSOP 2017 and ended up winning the WSOP Player of the Year title. It added insult to injury, with many players in the poker community was enraged as they felt he shouldn’t have been allowed to play, let alone win such a prestigious honour.

Where is he now?

This Full Tilt honcho is not affected by the stern looks and table talk and refuses to apologize for his role in the Full Tilt scandal and got acquitted of any wrongdoing by the Department of Justice. He’s here to stay, and he certainly has not lost his touch when it comes to playing Poker.

Pai Gow


Pai Gow Poker is the Chinese Gambling game variant of a game played with 32 Chinese dominoes, also called Pai Gow, and it means to make nine. The difference is Pai Gow Poker gets played with playing cards instead of dominoes. If you’re bored with Texas Hold ’em, then Pai Gow Poker is the game for you as it dishes out cards as if they were going out of fashion.

About the game

Pai Gow Poker uses a 53-card deck with 52 cards plus the Joker that acts as the wild card in certain instances. The Joker gets used as an Ace or assists in finishing a straight, straight flush, flush or Royal Flush. Getting started is simple. All you need to do is place your bet, and you will receive seven cards. Your cards get dealt face up, and the dealers face down. You now need to make two hands; a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand; however, it’s essential the 5-card hand must be better than the 2-card hand. Once you have completed your hands, you may ask to see the dealer’s cards, which they play using what’s known as the House Way.

The software will compare your two hands and pay you out for your bet, and if you have tied, you’ll push where you get your stake back, and all tied hands are a win for the dealer

Wrapping It Up

Pai Gow has become a top-rated online table game, and before you sit down to play, Pai Gow ensures you understand the rules. The most important is the hand ranking system. The hands in Pai Gow get ranked in the same way as they are in Texas Hold ’em and Stud games with one difference, and that’s in Pai Gow Poker, you can hit five of a kind.